AustNode IRC Quotes Database

#113 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
[July 10, 2020 06:35:13 am] * SmellyAnus farts
[July 10, 2020 06:37:14 am] <Rain> with ur stench i doubt the wuhan virus could surivie in ur zone xD
[July 10, 2020 06:37:40 am] <Rain> instant spray and murdered gone
[July 10, 2020 06:38:33 am] <SmellyAnus> lol
[July 10, 2020 06:38:46 am] * SmellyAnus farts again
[July 10, 2020 06:38:49 am] <SmellyAnus> x_x
[July 10, 2020 06:42:39 am] * Rain holds a sermon on the pub floor ....
[July 10, 2020 06:45:14 am] <Rain> dearly beloved fartasses, SmellyAnus was a gassy person who farted majority of his life, in his final moments of anti-stench freedom, he enjoyed IRC and making youtube videos, in his final moments he went to maccas came back farted and passed away
[July 10, 2020 06:45:23 am] <SmellyAnus> lol
[July 10, 2020 06:45:47 am] <Rain> may he be remembered as gassy gus :)
[July 10, 2020 06:45:52 am] <Rain> the end
[July 10, 2020 06:45:54 am] <Rain> xD

#24 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
* Rain goes with pinky to Area 51
<Pinky> Yaay let's go
* Pinky runs into the room and begins parking her bag
<Crissy> parking???????
<Pinky> Packing
<Pinky> Hahah
<Rain> lol pinky
<Crissy> hahahahahahhahah

#66 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<TheAstro30> i need a root
<helly> surely someone there could hook you up?
<TheAstro30> nah
<TheAstro30> they're either lesbians or ugly or old
<helly> couple of brown paper bags could solve a couple of those issues
<helly> hahaha
<TheAstro30> eew
<helly> double bag them incase one comes off
<helly> you could also do the triple bagger
<helly> and wear one yourself
<helly> incase both come off

#53 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<helly> haha Kayla is cold
<helly> she is hair dryering herself
<helly> it's fucking 26 degrees in here
<helly> and she still cold  
<Pinky> Lol hair drying herself

#110 (+|-) (Rated: 4)
[June 23, 2020 07:15:01 pm] <TimeShift> Users who spent more than 1 hour    on #austnode are: Midget
[June 23, 2020 07:15:17 pm] <Midget> YAY
[June 23, 2020 07:15:28 pm] <Midget> im a weiner
[June 23, 2020 07:15:36 pm] <Just_Pax> CONGRATULATIONS!
[June 23, 2020 07:15:42 pm] <TheAstro30> im a hotdog bun
[June 23, 2020 07:16:18 pm] <Midget> do we have sauce?
[June 23, 2020 07:17:16 pm] <Just_Pax> I'm the sauce ;)
[June 23, 2020 07:17:19 pm] <Rain> lmao

#61 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
* TheAstro30 farts
<Kayla> that'll clear out the room
<TheAstro30> I did this deep bassy fart this morning
<TheAstro30> damn, the echo!
<Rain> <TheAstro30> I did this deep bassy fart this morning <TheAstro30> damn, the echo! <---you must be proud lol :)
<TheAstro30> oh i was
<Rain> wake everyone up too ?
<TheAstro30> the rest of the guests on this floor probably not
<Rain> haha

#20 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<PugMug> I suck.. I don't remember what mine is... and I'm too stoned to remember... don't judge... lol
<Pinky> LOL
<Pinky> Hahahah

#19 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<helly> did you see my first act as staff?  
<helly> [20:13:48] -OperServ- Kayla has been joined to #iamaweiner.
<Kayla> you're an idiot helly
<Kayla> lol

#8 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<DrEggman> You play golf?
<Monopoly> yes
<DrEggman> Not sure I¬ôve got the patience to hit that little white ball
<TheAstro30> I'd end up whacking the fuck out of it

#50 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<helly> get some of this into you Rain
* helly flashes gang signs

#49 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<PugMug> I used to have a toshiba.. I named it Tosha
<PugMug> I blame MrD... he likes to name everything.. lol

#18 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Rain> brb toilet calls
<Kayla> are you over sharing again?
<Kayla> :D

#21 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<Crissy> i was stoned lst night
<PugMug> my son bought me a half gram of pineapple express in a vape cartridge
<Pinky> Is that a flavoured mull mix?
<PugMug> yes
<Pinky> Sounds fancy  
<PugMug> meh.. it's okay... it gets me stoned without all the mess.. so that's a bonus

#120 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
[October 27, 2020 12:41:41 am] <^bozojim> ok I have just ordered the teddy kit
[October 27, 2020 12:42:06 am] <TheAstro30> awww
[October 27, 2020 12:42:17 am] <^bozojim> he is caled arthur
[October 27, 2020 12:42:18 am] <TheAstro30> is that a sex thing or a normal teddy?
[October 27, 2020 12:42:22 am] <^bozojim> is a 40cm one
[October 27, 2020 12:42:27 am] <^bozojim> normal teddy bear
[October 27, 2020 12:42:30 am] <TheAstro30> a normal, k
[October 27, 2020 12:42:46 am] <TheAstro30> wait, arthur?
[October 27, 2020 12:42:51 am] <^bozojim> yes
[October 27, 2020 12:43:07 am] <TheAstro30> hmm
[October 27, 2020 12:43:35 am] <^bozojim>
[October 27, 2020 12:44:08 am] <TheAstro30> oh, nice
[October 27, 2020 12:44:16 am] <TheAstro30> so he has um
[October 27, 2020 12:44:23 am] <^bozojim> and I will dress him
[October 27, 2020 12:44:30 am] <^bozojim> as an old fashioned gentleman

#51 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<helly> people like that piss me off, it's why I couldn't do a job like Kaylas
<helly> I'd be like "knock knock" on the door, and then in their face when the door opened haha <Kayla> flashing your gang sign at them helly?
<helly> lol  

#43 (+|-) (Rated: 4)

#104 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Janet> please buy my candies or my little brother will go insane
* helly wants to see Janets candies
* Janet wants to helly back with a men
<helly> lol wtf

#36 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<Kayla> glad you waited helly, you picked shit one lol
<helly> haha fuck off
<helly> it was good
<Kayla> was tiny
<helly> I've obviously got you accustomed to large things :P
<Kayla> indeedy

#86 (+|-) (Rated: -2)
<Kayla> i woke up in the middle of the night last night, cause i heard my dumb dog's nails tippy tapping on the tiles
<Kayla> i'm like, ffs i bet she's pissed/shit on the floor again
<Kayla> made myself get up to find it to clean it, hoping like hell i don't stand in it before i see it (no glasses, blind as bat)
<Rain> ur dogs being a pain again kayla
<Kayla> NO shit or piss anywhere to be found
<Kayla> must have just been hunting scraps in the kitchen
<Rain> how come hellys dog never does nuffin ;p
<Rain> his a good boy aye
<helly> he's the goodest boy!
<Kayla> no no, helly's dog had explosive diahorria in the ensuite
<helly> one time in his life
<helly> your dog does it because she is a cunt
<TheAstro30> LOL
<helly> spiteful shits on the floor
<Just_Pax> at least he was trying for the right place ;)
<Kayla> but that one time, was worse than all the normal old solid shits my dog has taken on the tiles
<helly> that's not fair, he was not a well boy

#33 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<Rain> u two as parents got it tough
<helly> sometimes I think we do
<helly> other times I feel like selling them on gumtree

#123 (+|-) (Rated: 5)
[November 06, 2020 09:41:09 pm] <BorkO> Back
[November 06, 2020 09:41:28 pm] <Just_Pax> WB BorkO
[November 06, 2020 09:41:31 pm] <Sunbeam> wb Bork with an O
[November 06, 2020 09:41:32 pm] <BorkO> Thnx
[November 06, 2020 09:41:35 pm] <BorkO> :p
[November 06, 2020 09:41:38 pm] <Just_Pax> \o/ :D
[November 06, 2020 09:41:43 pm] <BorkO> This is mobile bork
[November 06, 2020 09:41:53 pm] <BorkO> Currently on an electric recliner ^^
[November 06, 2020 09:42:04 pm] <Just_Pax> Hello, mobile bork :)
[November 06, 2020 09:42:14 pm] <BorkO> Possibly one of my favourite things
[November 06, 2020 09:42:17 pm] <Sunbeam> hi there mobile BorkO :)
[November 06, 2020 09:42:54 pm] <Just_Pax> This is mobile bork.... how may i direct your call? ;)

#88 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
* Just_Pax pokes rain, repeatedly......
<Just_Pax> In the ribs ;)
* Rain kicks just_pax in the balls
* PugMug *pokes* Rain
* Rain gets poked
* Just_Pax pokes rain, repeatedly......
<Just_Pax> Again ;)
* Rain kicks just_pax in the ballz again
<Rain> ;]
<Just_Pax> hmmmmmmmm
<Just_Pax> ow.
<Just_Pax> This is not working......
* Just_Pax gets rain drunk ;)
<Rain> no thanks :)
* Just_Pax ties Rain's leg's together
* Just_Pax soaks a rag in diethyl ether
* Just_Pax smothers rains face in it ;)
<Just_Pax> hahahahahaha
* Just_Pax watches as rain passes out.
* Just_Pax pokes rain ;)
<Just_Pax> now there's one for the IRC quote book ;) How do i post it?
<Just_Pax> :P

#39 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<Kayla> !duckstats helly
<f82k> fight him
<Kayla> i beat him regularly, keeps him in line
<f82k> Good stuff
<helly> she's got a bit of a mouth on her when she drinks!  
* helly flips Kayla off  
* PugMug bounces on Astro until all the gas comes out.. kinda like an Astro Bellows.. lol <TheAstro30> PugMug: LMFAO
<TheAstro30> im not a fucking bouncy toy
<TheAstro30> get the fuck off me
<Rain> lolz

#119 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
[September 07, 2020 03:22:24 pm] <Just_Pax> i is drinking more coffee ;)
[September 07, 2020 03:24:48 pm] <Rain> good man
[September 07, 2020 03:24:56 pm] <Rain> that keep ur up for many hrs
[September 07, 2020 03:25:12 pm] <Just_Pax> that's the plan, man ;)
[September 07, 2020 03:26:09 pm] <Just_Pax> caffeine makes an extremely good laxative too, i have found :P
[September 07, 2020 03:30:16 pm] <Just_Pax> it'll give ya the squirtles if your not careful ;)
[September 07, 2020 03:33:51 pm] <Rain> lol
[September 07, 2020 03:33:56 pm] <Rain> hahah

#122 (+|-) (Rated: 4)
[October 30, 2020 02:14:50 pm] <TheAstro30> wow, 2 and a half glasses of rum earlier this morning turned my shit black
[October 30, 2020 02:14:50 pm] <Just_Pax> does it usually do that?
[October 30, 2020 02:14:50 pm] <Just_Pax> better that and not green vodka cruisers, yeah?
[October 30, 2020 02:14:50 pm] <Just_Pax> cause green poo's are just outright strange

#106 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Kayla> oa
<mozza> of bugga it
<mozza> oh
<mozza> see i give up tyoing
<mozza> shit
<helly> cut your fucking fingernails mozz!
<helly> lol
<mozza> NOOOO
<Kayla> lol
<mozza> never ever
<helly> it'll give you +100 typing skills
<mozza> or ever
<mozza> pfft stuff typing
<Kayla> how long are they now moz?
<mozza> ummm
<mozza> bout -------- thing long
<mozza> this
<mozza> actually longer
<mozza> loll
<Kayla> haha no wonder you can't type
<^bozoJim> lol
<mozza> ffs
<Kayla> or do you use the tips to type??
<Rain> lol
<mozza> they slip off the keys
<mozza> i have to use the tips of my nails
<mozza> and they slip[ and slide all over
<mozza> if i use finfers they hit the keys above
<Kayla> yeh

#107 (+|-) (Rated: -1)
<Kayla> i went a mowed in the middle of the day cause weather app said it was going to rain at 1pm
<Kayla> it fucking lied!
<mozza> lmao
* Rain cuts Mozza's fingernails
<^bozoJim> well it is winter here on the wild wet west coast
<mozza> no way
<mozza> i put a gel coating over them so they are always long :)
<Rain> every nail u cut mozza ill grant u +100xp bonus for quackers :P
<mozza> like i give a frig rain :P
<Kayla> haha
<Rain> to make it sweater ill make it +1000xp per nail cut ;p
<mozza> nope
<mozza> well i could then just make them long again
<helly> offer her one of your hundreds of toilet paper rolls rain?
<Rain> rofl helly
<Rain> sure why not
<Rain> ;p
<mozza> i did the nail course years ago :P
<mozza> i have toilet paper
<mozza> i dont hoard though
<mozza> i buy as i need it
<^bozoJim> same
<mozza> good
<mozza> now the weather is realyl nice hey
<helly> ours is lasting heaps longer these days with Kayla putting in effort
<mozza> lmao
<helly> she no longer spins the roll like she is spinning the wheel of fortune wheel
<Kayla> oi!
<mozza> omg lmao helly
<mozza> funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnny
<mozza> SA!
<Kayla> though, we have been using much less :P
<mozza> we have too
<Rain> lol helly
<Kayla> it's much easier for girls, to be able to use lots
<Rain> good on ya kayla for putting in effort :)
<Rain> lol it is?
<Rain> just how much do ya need
<Kayla> yes, because you never want it to soak through
<mozza> hahaha
<mozza> well if u dont use enough then the nails pokes through
<Kayla> well we were only allowed to buy two, not enough for four people
<mozza> i got a pack of 24
<helly> well one for me and one for one of you three
<helly> fight it out amongst yourselves
<mozza> hahah
<Rain> haha
<Kayla> charming
<mozza> isnt he
<mozza> NOT!!!

#102 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Rain> you know what they say when you run out of toilet paper "be a man use your hand"
<StudMuffin> lol
<Rain> hehe

#22 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Rain> .gag helly  
<helly> :o
<Kayla> takes more than that to shut him up

#114 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
[July 15, 2020 03:18:59 pm] <bork> Aaaaaaaafternoon
[July 15, 2020 03:19:06 pm] <Rain> hey tork the bork xD
[July 15, 2020 03:19:16 pm] <bork> ^^ yeah!
[July 15, 2020 03:19:38 pm] <Just_Pax> bork man ;)
[July 15, 2020 03:19:41 pm] * bork has been cleared by the doc
[July 15, 2020 03:19:47 pm] <Rain> great news
[July 15, 2020 03:19:50 pm] <Just_Pax> ooooh :)
[July 15, 2020 03:19:54 pm] <bork> No serious probs. They want to look in my gi
[July 15, 2020 03:19:55 pm] * Rain gives bork some beers
[July 15, 2020 03:19:56 pm] <Just_Pax> sweet :)
[July 15, 2020 03:19:58 pm] <bork> Tum though
[July 15, 2020 03:20:03 pm] <bork> Endoscope soon
[July 15, 2020 03:20:12 pm] <Rain> is that where they shove a cam up ur butt bork?
[July 15, 2020 03:20:22 pm] <Just_Pax> no rain :P
[July 15, 2020 03:20:31 pm] <Just_Pax> that's a colonoscopy

#77 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<Rain> oh yeah
<Rain> how old r ya helly
<helly> 37 I think
<helly> pretty sure that's right
<Rain> lmao
<Rain> u think?
<^bozoJim> lol
<Rain> o.0
<helly> I stopped keeping track after 30

#91 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<Moose> bleh need to rewrite this algorithm.
<helly> the only algorithm I know is pie
<helly> 1 beef and cheese pie = happy helly

#35 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<Kayla> omg helly was biting his nails and now they're on my clean floor
<mozza> ewwwwwwwwwwwwww
<mozza> thast gross
* Kayla nods
<helly> to be fair, I was trying to spit them at Kayla across the room
<Kayla> he stopped biting for ages, had him trained and shit

#96 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<Rain> The generation that lived through the Great Depression was stereotyped as being thrifty and careful with money.
<Rain> Our generation will be known for having a great affinity for the collection of toilet paper and baked beans.
<Rain> xD

#109 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Revolver> ahoy fuckers Laughing Out Loud
<Just_Pax> Hey revolver, wanna be my anchor man?
<Revolver> errrm wat for
<Just_Pax> so i can throw you overboard ;)
<Revolver> Laughing Out Loud

#118 (+|-) (Rated: 4)
[August 08, 2020 08:02:10 pm] <Astro> i have a big dick
[August 08, 2020 08:02:21 pm] <Rain> u want a gold star?
[August 08, 2020 08:02:22 pm] <Rain> lol
[August 08, 2020 08:02:27 pm] <Astro> yes please
[August 08, 2020 08:03:45 pm] * bork hands astro a fleshlight. May the force be with you
[August 08, 2020 08:04:00 pm] * Astro stick it up your ass
[August 08, 2020 08:04:32 pm] * bork shines it at astro
[August 08, 2020 08:04:55 pm] * Astro reflects in a mirror back at bork
[August 08, 2020 08:05:23 pm] * bork dies of horror.
[August 08, 2020 08:05:31 pm] <Astro> cool
[August 08, 2020 08:05:53 pm] * Astro takes pictures and uploads them to snapchat
[August 08, 2020 08:06:25 pm] * bork ghost haunts astro
[August 08, 2020 08:06:40 pm] * Astro doesn't believe in ghost
[August 08, 2020 08:06:42 pm] <Astro> :P

#72 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<GordonRamsay> I went to go get KFC before, right
<GordonRamsay> and I'm in the drivethru, a few cars in front. So, it's my turn at the box, no one said anything yet so I'm looking at the menu board
<GordonRamsay> I see all these other burgers and shit and I'm like "where the fuck's the ultimate box"
<GordonRamsay> I'm slightly confused, so I peer out the top of windscreen at the overhead sign...
<GordonRamsay> I'm in fucking Hungry Jacks drivethru, not KFC
<GordonRamsay> KFC, is right next door ... idiot
<GordonRamsay> lucky I didn't say anything when the girl asked for my order, otherwise I'd have looked like a complete dickhead asking for an ultimate box meal at a hungry jacks...
<GordonRamsay> i had one of those "derpa derp" moments ... like, how I didn't notice the overhead 3 cars back is beyond me

#45 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<DrEggman> I need a mega piss
<TheAstro30> so go?
<DrEggman> I'm saving water
<Rain> LOL
<TheAstro30> piss out the window then
<TheAstro30> or in a bucket
<Rain> or a coke bottle
<DrEggman> I don't fit in a coke bottle

#52 (+|-) (Rated: 4)
<dave0> doh now i have to get up and go to the fridge
<Rain> get a mini fridge so u dont have to walk xD
<dave0> i need a slavegirl to get my beer and pat my hair
<^bozoJim> lol

#63 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<helly> bleh
<Rain> wb helly
<helly> I am having to drink my rum out of a fucking cup
<helly> cheers
<^bozoJim> wb helly
<helly> I haven't drunken rum out of a cup or glass for years
<helly> unless I am at the pub
<helly> but even then I try buy the stubbies of rum
<helly> I usually buy cans
<helly> then take a sip
<helly> and pour in my rum
<helly> haha
<helly> would rather the can
<helly> but they had none at aldi
<helly> fuckers
<helly> I checked a few days ago and they had none
<helly> so I went back today
<helly> still none
<helly> useless fucks
<helly> I could have gotten sugar free
<helly> but that's bullshit
<helly> so a cup it is
<helly> not even a glass
<helly> our daughter used our good glass for a makeup cleaning cup
<helly> ffs
<Rain> lmao
<Rain> go daughter!
<Rain> use hellys cup
<helly> and then only other shit we have is plastic cups
<Rain> :p
<helly> pffft
<Rain> hahaha
<Janet> i told you that you would would rue the day when you messed with Janet... now begin your rueing... i'll just sit here and watch.
<helly> fuck off janet you fuckwit
<Janet> Fuck off yourself.
<Rain> rofl
<helly> :o
<helly> how fucking rude

#6 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<McFlyDaCSharpGuy> that bird in the morning is pissing me off tho  
<McFlyDaCSharpGuy> 6:05am it started attacking the fucking window
<McFlyDaCSharpGuy> so I got up, said fuck you, threw a pillow at window and it fucked off

#83 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<^bozoJim> aww
<^bozoJim> croaked it?
<Just_Pax> nah :)
<Just_Pax> weird, it came up stairs
<^bozoJim> cane toad?
<Just_Pax> jumped on my foot and jumped off again
<Just_Pax> yep
<^bozoJim> yikes
<Just_Pax> yeah, scared me a bit, too!
<Just_Pax> Me to the cane toad : Errm, you're not supposed to do that to my foot unannounced
<Just_Pax> CaneToad : FU ;)
<Rain> lol pax

#11 (+|-) (Rated: -1)
<Rain> Naked Daddy was listening to zuuly quote the bible coz he needs to be @ church xD <NakedDaddy> Turned me on that bible shit
<Zuul> and God smote the naked daddy and cast him into the lake of slow cooking flames... NakedDaddy stayed alive as he was slowly roasted over 1000 reaked of raw sewage and burned plastic and had the texture of.campbells chicken noodle soup...and God looked down on the chared remains of NakedDaddy

#112 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
[June 28, 2020 03:48:54 pm] <Moose> 1AM. Perfect time to make mac and cheese.
[June 28, 2020 03:49:28 pm] <Just_Pax> acid and cheese ;)
[June 28, 2020 03:49:49 pm] <Just_Pax> trippin' while you're dippin ;)
[June 28, 2020 03:50:06 pm] <Moose> No. Just no.
[June 28, 2020 03:50:45 pm] <Just_Pax> fondue kit on an acid trip ;)
[June 28, 2020 03:51:04 pm] <Janet> I'd be in a lot of trouble if I was allergic to semen.
[June 28, 2020 03:51:25 pm] <Just_Pax> dont spill it on your lap or it'll go splat

#34 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<helly> hey Revolver
<helly> feeling any better?
<Rain> what antibootics they called?
<Revolver> its alpha mox
<helly> for a cold/flu?
<Revolver> yea
<helly> man your GP sucks balls  
<helly> ALPHAMOX will not work against infections caused by viruses, such as colds or flu.
<helly> Dr Helly suggests an extra blanket on the bed and keep on top of the panadol/panadine <Rain> bwahahah
<helly> just keep really fucking warm while sleeping and you'll feel better in no time  
* helly will not be held responsible for any seizures that may occur!

#117 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
[July 31, 2020 09:50:02 pm] <Rain> ^ 40gb connection bork
[July 31, 2020 09:50:03 pm] <Rain> go crazy
[July 31, 2020 09:50:04 pm] <Rain> ;p
[July 31, 2020 09:50:06 pm] <Rain> cat 8
[July 31, 2020 09:50:08 pm] <Rain> xD
[July 31, 2020 09:50:20 pm] <bork> O.o dafuq
[July 31, 2020 09:50:27 pm] <helly> no shit hey
[July 31, 2020 09:50:30 pm] <helly> that is crazy
[July 31, 2020 09:50:33 pm] <bork> That's godamn mental
[July 31, 2020 09:50:43 pm] * Rain laughs @ bork's shocked face hahaha
[July 31, 2020 09:50:54 pm] <Rain> where da fuck u been hiding bork ;p
[July 31, 2020 09:51:11 pm] <Rain> waiting for cat 9 to come out at higher speeds prob in next few yrs lol
[July 31, 2020 09:51:12 pm] <Rain> xD
[July 31, 2020 09:51:51 pm] <bork> Dude that's 5gbytes/s of throughput....

#12 (+|-) (Rated: 5)
<TheAstro30> I had macaroni cheese for dinner tonight ... just went to fart, nearly macaronied my pants

#79 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<Just_Pax> mum just farted ;)
<helly> lmfao
<Rain> lol pax
<Just_Pax> she just stood there and let a good one rip in front of me ;)
<Kayla> oh god
<Rain> rofl pax
<Rain> hahaha
<Rain> and u didnt pass out pax?
<Just_Pax> no regard for what i thought!
<Just_Pax> nah
<Rain> <Just_Pax> she just stood there and let a good one rip in front of me ;) <--you took it like a champ
<Just_Pax> lol Rainy!

#108 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<TheAstro30> unsolved penises
<Just_Pax> lol, is the like unsolved mysteries?
* Just_Pax cues spooky music.
<Just_Pax> *That
<Just_Pax> That show used to scare the shit out of me as a kid :P
<TheAstro30> pax, yes lol
<TheAstro30> binge watching old series on yt with robert stack
<Just_Pax> ;P
<Just_Pax> he was bad ass ;)
<TheAstro30> ok, that walk has made me need to sit on the loo
<Just_Pax> i had the squirts today
<Just_Pax> i take lipitor, anitcholesterol drug. Makes me shit an oil slick.
<Just_Pax> on top of the water.
<TheAstro30> LOL
<Just_Pax> yeah, hehe

#54 (+|-) (Rated: 6)
<PugMug> when my sons were 7 and 5 I had to give them the "Pee Wee Herman Sermon"
<helly> haha what is that PugMug?
<PugMug> I basically told them that Pee Wee got arrested for wanking it in public.. it's natural but the pubic can't handle nature... so keep it to yourself