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#69 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<helly> this dinner hates me tonight
<helly> cut some chilis for it
<helly> washed my hands
<helly> wiped my eye 5 mins later
<^bozojim> lol
<helly> burning chilli eye
<^bozojim> ouchies
<helly> sauce spat at me when I stirred it
<helly> burned my arm
<helly> then pouring the pasta water out
<helly> burnt my finger
<helly> fml
<helly> I swear I usually do a decent job
<helly> haha
<helly> it's just tonight that seems to have gone wrong for me
<helly> haha
<helly> fucking hell

#66 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<TheAstro30> i need a root
<helly> surely someone there could hook you up?
<TheAstro30> nah
<TheAstro30> they're either lesbians or ugly or old
<helly> couple of brown paper bags could solve a couple of those issues
<helly> hahaha
<TheAstro30> eew
<helly> double bag them incase one comes off
<helly> you could also do the triple bagger
<helly> and wear one yourself
<helly> incase both come off

#32 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<helly> I poured you wine and you poured a bucket a water on me
<helly> I feel that is an unfair trade
<Kayla> i poured water on you before i needed you to pour me wine
<helly> even worse!
<Kayla> no, worse would have been after you poured me wine

#93 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
***** Women chat has taken place ***** - No Men Allowed!

<PugMug> MrD has a girls name.. which is fine.. I don't mind looking like a lesbian.. MrD is more of a lesbian than I am anyway
<Kayla> hahahaha
<Kayla> i quite like some of the male names that they've started using as female names
<mozza> kayla :)))) hi PugMug
<helly> I've always identified with lesbians, I love titties
<mozza> hey helly
<Kayla> mozzzzzzzzzzzza!
<PugMug> hi mozza
<helly> haha
<helly> hey moz
<Kayla> ffs helly
<mozza> anyone else hiding there
<mozza> how are u kayla ?
<Just_Pax> yeah, me.
<PugMug> MrD swears I'm a boobysexual
<mozza> lol
<Kayla> lol
<mozza> MrD ?
<helly> haha PugMug
<Kayla> am alright thanks moz, you?
<mozza> great thanks :)
<PugMug> my husband of 33 yrs.. .lol
<mozza> ohhhhh
* Kayla has a sore eye
<mozza> time to get rid of him ?
<mozza> whats up with your eye ?
<Kayla> i told her it was time to trade in moz
<mozza> lmao
<Kayla> oh just some "inflamation" in the oil duct of my stupid eye lid apparently
<mozza> hmmm hope it gets better soon then
<Kayla> apparently not lol, it will likely take weeks
<mozza> ohhh bugga that
<Kayla> so, prepare for me to sook about my eye for a while :P
<mozza> awe
<mozza> we will ignore :)
<Kayla> :o
<mozza> lolol
<mozza> :O

#27 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Pinky> Some people get paid to sing for a living. ME.. people pay me to stop singing lol

#11 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<Rain> Naked Daddy was listening to zuuly quote the bible coz he needs to be @ church xD <NakedDaddy> Turned me on that bible shit
<Zuul> and God smote the naked daddy and cast him into the lake of slow cooking flames... NakedDaddy stayed alive as he was slowly roasted over 1000 reaked of raw sewage and burned plastic and had the texture of.campbells chicken noodle soup...and God looked down on the chared remains of NakedDaddy

#36 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Kayla> glad you waited helly, you picked shit one lol
<helly> haha fuck off
<helly> it was good
<Kayla> was tiny
<helly> I've obviously got you accustomed to large things :P
<Kayla> indeedy

#74 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<helly> didn't get to sleep until like midnight because of the stupid dog
<helly> she was just being a noisy snoring bitch
<helly> I turned the air con on and the tv louder
<helly> and I could still hear her
<helly> it was making me so angry
<helly> knowing I had to get up early
<helly> most of the time it is just a bit annoying
<helly> but fuck I was mad
<helly> I kicked her out of her bed
<helly> and she looked at me like WTF man
<helly> told her to shut her fucking face up
<helly> so groaned and went back to her bed
<helly> she was being a fucking stupid bitch faced cunt of a dog
<mozza> LMAO
<Rain> wonder why dogs snore
<Rain> so much anger ;p
<Rain> prob must be very tired
<helly> cos she is a fat cunt of a dog
<helly> lol

#72 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<GordonRamsay> I went to go get KFC before, right
<GordonRamsay> and I'm in the drivethru, a few cars in front. So, it's my turn at the box, no one said anything yet so I'm looking at the menu board
<GordonRamsay> I see all these other burgers and shit and I'm like "where the fuck's the ultimate box"
<GordonRamsay> I'm slightly confused, so I peer out the top of windscreen at the overhead sign...
<GordonRamsay> I'm in fucking Hungry Jacks drivethru, not KFC
<GordonRamsay> KFC, is right next door ... idiot
<GordonRamsay> lucky I didn't say anything when the girl asked for my order, otherwise I'd have looked like a complete dickhead asking for an ultimate box meal at a hungry jacks...
<GordonRamsay> i had one of those "derpa derp" moments ... like, how I didn't notice the overhead 3 cars back is beyond me

#98 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<StudMuffin> the rain is coming down harder now.
<TheAstro30> well tell him to fuck off
<Rain> rofl

#103 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<+Quackers> -._,.-°`'°-._,.-°`'° /_^{   QWAAACK
<+Quackers> The duck escapes.     ·°'`'°-.,¸¸.·°'`
<+Just_Pax> *My fuck escapes.*
<+Just_Pax> Darnit.....
<+Just_Pax> There goes my Live action!
<+Just_Pax> yiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyiyi!!!!
<+Quackers> -.,,.-°''°-.,,.-°''° \_O{   QWACK
* +Just_Pax makes the turtleman action sound
<+Quackers> The duck escapes.     ·°'`'°-.,¸¸.·°'`
<Just_Pax> ;)

#90 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Moose> bleh need to rewrite this algorithm.
<helly> the only algorithm I know is pie
<helly> 1 beef and cheese pie = happy helly

#8 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<DrEggman> You play golf?
<Monopoly> yes
<DrEggman> Not sure I™ve got the patience to hit that little white ball
<TheAstro30> I'd end up whacking the fuck out of it

#22 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<Rain> .gag helly  
<helly> :o
<Kayla> takes more than that to shut him up

#33 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Rain> u two as parents got it tough
<helly> sometimes I think we do
<helly> other times I feel like selling them on gumtree

#108 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<TheAstro30> unsolved penises
<Just_Pax> lol, is the like unsolved mysteries?
* Just_Pax cues spooky music.
<Just_Pax> *That
<Just_Pax> That show used to scare the shit out of me as a kid :P
<TheAstro30> pax, yes lol
<TheAstro30> binge watching old series on yt with robert stack
<Just_Pax> ;P
<Just_Pax> he was bad ass ;)
<TheAstro30> ok, that walk has made me need to sit on the loo
<Just_Pax> i had the squirts today
<Just_Pax> i take lipitor, anitcholesterol drug. Makes me shit an oil slick.
<Just_Pax> on top of the water.
<TheAstro30> LOL
<Just_Pax> yeah, hehe

#85 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<@Just_Pax> so what do you do for a crust, Stud?
<@StudMuffin> crust?
<@Just_Pax> yeah, aussie slang.... means: What do you do for a living?
<@StudMuffin> i'm a retired master electrician. i'm qualified to remove your shorts. lol
<@Just_Pax> I think i'll just call you Stu from now on, either that or stewie ;)
<@StudMuffin> lol

#109 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Revolver> ahoy fuckers Laughing Out Loud
<Just_Pax> Hey revolver, wanna be my anchor man?
<Revolver> errrm wat for
<Just_Pax> so i can throw you overboard ;)
<Revolver> Laughing Out Loud

#29 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Kayla> though will enjoy my bed tonight!
<helly> errr
<helly> I have to share with you again??  
<mozza> omg
<mozza> shut up helly :P
<mozza> kayla put him on the lounge haha  
<helly> that's her spot lol
<mozza> lmaooooooooooooo  

#45 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<DrEggman> I need a mega piss
<TheAstro30> so go?
<DrEggman> I'm saving water
<Rain> LOL
<TheAstro30> piss out the window then
<TheAstro30> or in a bucket
<Rain> or a coke bottle
<DrEggman> I don't fit in a coke bottle

#3 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<CrapHazard> 1st he's 3 minutes early, this year he pisses off for a piss and doesn't come back for 11 minutes then still reckons its new years eve ... then, chucks and bangs his head in the loo <CrapHazard> and thinks its monday lol
<CrapHazard> hey matt, got a new suggestion for your nick this year
<CrapHazard> "RevolvingDoor"
<CrapHazard> coz you sure are in and out enough

#39 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<Kayla> !duckstats helly
<f82k> fight him
<Kayla> i beat him regularly, keeps him in line
<f82k> Good stuff
<helly> she's got a bit of a mouth on her when she drinks!  
* helly flips Kayla off  
* PugMug bounces on Astro until all the gas comes out.. kinda like an Astro Bellows.. lol <TheAstro30> PugMug: LMFAO
<TheAstro30> im not a fucking bouncy toy
<TheAstro30> get the fuck off me
<Rain> lolz

#92 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<mozza> wow this southerly is really blowing up
<TheAstro30> now
<TheAstro30> i need a pee
<TheAstro30> fml
<TheAstro30> don't wanna get up
<mozza> too much info
<TheAstro30> can someone help me?
<mozza> nope
<TheAstro30> i need a rubber hose
<TheAstro30> about 1" in diameter
<mozza> asif anyone hekp u pee
<TheAstro30> so I can run it out the window
<mozza> calla  nurse :p
<TheAstro30> well
<TheAstro30> you could always pee for me
<mozza> nope this monitor is air safe and liquid safe so im safe :P~~~~~~
<TheAstro30> or I might just sit here and piss my pants...
<mozza> you could do that :)
<TheAstro30> i need a smoke anyway so I'll kill 2 birds with one big ass stone
<TheAstro30> oh wait
<mozza> ha ha ha
<mozza> no no no goooo
<TheAstro30> those empty long neck bottles on the floor...
<mozza> ewwww
<mozza> think ill go play with ym horses
<TheAstro30> im kidding fuck
<mozza> my name is mozza :P
<TheAstro30> you dont respond to "fuck"? coz you just did...
<mozza> nope
<TheAstro30> k brb
<mozza> just thought u dodnt know my name
<mozza> was being helpful
<mozza> now go pee and smoke

#68 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<Rain> whats kayla doing now
<helly> they've been smashing out the big bash ads lately
<helly> Kayla is reading
<helly> ofcourse
<Rain> of course lol
<Rain> surprised she doesnt become a teacher
<Rain> or a librayian
<Rain> read read read lol
<helly> lol
<helly> I know right
<helly> she picked up 4 new books on Monday
<Rain> what kind this time?
<helly> same shit as usual
<helly> it's a series she is reading
<Rain> ohh 4 books geez
<Rain> that give her a good few days to read them all
<helly> she's half way through one of them
<helly> by the looks of it
<Rain> fuck shes a fast reader lol
<helly> I like to put her books back a page or two
<helly> when she is not looking
<Rain> LMAO
<Rain> thats fkn mean ;p
<helly> hahaha yep
<helly> I do it to the kids too

#38 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Kayla> our internet seems to be playing up a bit last night/today too
<Kayla> helly thinks that smallest brat has tried to do something to it lol

#13 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<DrEggman> brb I need a piss
<DrEggman> piss completed
<DrEggman> was amazing

#101 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Moose> I'm terrified of making lefts cause NJ doesnt have left turns. Everyone is routed through the right lanes. Here they have lefts with dedicated turn lanes and lights.
<Moose> I end up making 3 rights cause I dont trust the left hand turn lights. >.>
<PugMug> I hate that... and if you're not careful.. you'll circle a mall
<Moose> Lmao it's cute you think we have malls here
<PugMug> in NJ
<Moose> Ah yeah. Theres one every 5 feet.
<Moose> Born and raised there
<Moose> Been to almost every mall in the state.
<PugMug> I've been to NJ... hated it.. I swear when they were making the road.. they tossed some noodles on the floor and said.. that'll do
<Moose> Lmao
<Rain> <PugMug> I've been to NJ... hated it.. I swear when they were making the road.. they tossed some noodles on the floor and said.. that'll do <--should have offered some weed that'll make them do a better job ;p
<PugMug> lol

#123 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
[November 06, 2020 09:41:09 pm] <BorkO> Back
[November 06, 2020 09:41:28 pm] <Just_Pax> WB BorkO
[November 06, 2020 09:41:31 pm] <Sunbeam> wb Bork with an O
[November 06, 2020 09:41:32 pm] <BorkO> Thnx
[November 06, 2020 09:41:35 pm] <BorkO> :p
[November 06, 2020 09:41:38 pm] <Just_Pax> \o/ :D
[November 06, 2020 09:41:43 pm] <BorkO> This is mobile bork
[November 06, 2020 09:41:53 pm] <BorkO> Currently on an electric recliner ^^
[November 06, 2020 09:42:04 pm] <Just_Pax> Hello, mobile bork :)
[November 06, 2020 09:42:14 pm] <BorkO> Possibly one of my favourite things
[November 06, 2020 09:42:17 pm] <Sunbeam> hi there mobile BorkO :)
[November 06, 2020 09:42:54 pm] <Just_Pax> This is mobile bork.... how may i direct your call? ;)

#40 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<^bozoJim> try being accused of making pot holes
<^bozoJim> when I fart
<TheAstro30> LOL
<@^bozoJim> and one says if I ever got into the snow if I let rip I would melyt it behind me in a rocket blast<-wtf
<^bozoJim> light it up and I  rocket donw the snow
<TheAstro30> you need to call NASA
<TheAstro30> you have invented a new form of rocket propulsion
<^bozoJim> lol

#14 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<ekcdd> <AlertServ> Tasmania 09/16:05 EST Marine Wind Warning Summary for Tasmania <ekcdd> Casued by Jason's excessive farting
<TheAstro30> and bullshit, adam

#60 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<Kayla> all good, helly's up now :)
<Rain> u mean his off his game lol
<Kayla> sighing and shit about having to do it, but doing it all the same
<Rain> awww
<Rain> tell him to get over it
<Rain> ;p
<Rain> u come with the package
<Rain> haha
<Rain> ;p
<Kayla> haha no need to antagonise least until after he's done it
<Kayla> :D
<Rain> lolz
<Rain> u can always signing back to him
<Rain> gang signs style!
<Kayla> my gang signs look like there's something seriously wrong with me
<Rain> hahahha
<Kayla> have no idea what i'm doing, so just do spaz hands and pull weird faces haha
<Rain> lmao
<Rain> silly kayla ;p
* Kayla nods
<Rain> ok why dont you sigh back at him ;p
<Kayla> he's too busy sighing and stomping to hear
<Rain> ahh his angry lol
<Kayla> nah
<Kayla> just gets sick of me making him do shit
<Rain> you don't need pot holes in ya floors cause of the stomping ;)
<Kayla> haha
<Kayla> lucky we got concrete under the tiles huh
* Rain nods def
<Rain> <Kayla> just gets sick of me making him do shit <---kids can't help?
<Rain> airtask the job ? :)
<Kayla> lol
<Kayla> oh no, he's snooping
<Kayla> shh
* Rain hides
* Rain waves to helly
<Rain> lol
<helly> err
<helly> I did not stomp you bitch
<Rain> lolz heya helly :)
<helly> I did sigh, I was in a good rotation
<helly> yo

#78 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<Just_Pax> My cigarette lighter is about to die.....
<^bozojim> aww
* Just_Pax reads it it's final rights and a passage from the bible.
<^bozojim> lol
<Just_Pax> ;)

#6 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<McFlyDaCSharpGuy> that bird in the morning is pissing me off tho  
<McFlyDaCSharpGuy> 6:05am it started attacking the fucking window
<McFlyDaCSharpGuy> so I got up, said fuck you, threw a pillow at window and it fucked off

#79 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Just_Pax> mum just farted ;)
<helly> lmfao
<Rain> lol pax
<Just_Pax> she just stood there and let a good one rip in front of me ;)
<Kayla> oh god
<Rain> rofl pax
<Rain> hahaha
<Rain> and u didnt pass out pax?
<Just_Pax> no regard for what i thought!
<Just_Pax> nah
<Rain> <Just_Pax> she just stood there and let a good one rip in front of me ;) <--you took it like a champ
<Just_Pax> lol Rainy!

#115 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
[July 28, 2020 02:03:42 am] <Rain> woahhhh
[July 28, 2020 02:03:46 am] <Rain> its pissing outsideeee
[July 28, 2020 02:03:52 am] <Rain> splash splash
[July 28, 2020 02:04:02 am] <^bozoJim> it is a pea soup fog out
[July 28, 2020 02:04:27 am] <Rain> sounds like a drunk bogan using a water cannon outside
[July 28, 2020 02:04:35 am] <Rain> strong winds like astros farts
[July 28, 2020 02:04:39 am] <Rain> damn
[July 28, 2020 02:04:40 am] <^bozoJim> lol
[July 28, 2020 02:05:15 am] <Rain> why tassie always cold lol
[July 28, 2020 02:05:25 am] <^bozoJim> as we are halfway to Antartica
[July 28, 2020 02:05:32 am] <Rain> ohh
[July 28, 2020 02:05:41 am] * Rain pushs tassie bit further out ;p
[July 28, 2020 02:05:55 am] <^bozoJim> lol
[July 28, 2020 02:06:05 am] <Rain> now u could reach -5c
[July 28, 2020 02:06:17 am] <^bozoJim> hook Astro up to a power plant
[July 28, 2020 02:06:21 am] <Rain> erm that cant be right
[July 28, 2020 02:06:23 am] <Rain> lmao
[July 28, 2020 02:06:28 am] <^bozoJim> free gas to drive turbines
[July 28, 2020 02:06:31 am] <Rain> hahahah
[July 28, 2020 02:06:45 am] <Rain> yeah would save so much on power

#21 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Crissy> i was stoned lst night
<PugMug> my son bought me a half gram of pineapple express in a vape cartridge
<Pinky> Is that a flavoured mull mix?
<PugMug> yes
<Pinky> Sounds fancy  
<PugMug> meh.. it's okay... it gets me stoned without all the mess.. so that's a bonus

#12 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<TheAstro30> I had macaroni cheese for dinner tonight ... just went to fart, nearly macaronied my pants

#37 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<helly> your dog taught my dog how to be a dickhead
<Kayla> noooo
<Kayla> she wasn't scared of fireworks until she saw your dog being a wanker

#17 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Pinky> Come on
* helly aims
<Pinky> Haha
<Pinky> Go away
<Pinky> :o
<Pinky> Take Kayla for a walk
<Pinky> Heheh
<helly> it's too cold outside for her
<helly> she'd complain the whole time  

#50 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<helly> get some of this into you Rain
* helly flashes gang signs

#71 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
Just_Pax> try putting antiwringle cream on your balls, that's always good for a laugh! XD
<Rain> no thanks pax lol
<helly> haha I'll pass on that one too
<helly> :P
<Just_Pax> you'll end up with a peach sac
<Just_Pax> with 2 lychees in them!
<helly> peachy sac in TheAstro30's mouth

#91 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Moose> bleh need to rewrite this algorithm.
<helly> the only algorithm I know is pie
<helly> 1 beef and cheese pie = happy helly

#48 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<helly> fucking bullshit
* helly spits at his cpu
<helly> useless i5 fucker
<helly> how the fuck can it go from 16-25% up to 100%
<helly> it's averaging 12-16% ffs
<helly> then bam  
<helly> 100%  
<DrEggman> wouldn't think it's the PSU, maybe the Aus government is monitoring what your doing

#58 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Kayla> one transaction a day is all you're allowed?
<Rain> well thats a fucked up bank
<^bozoJim> on my visa account
<^bozoJim> is all i need
<^bozoJim> for free
<^bozoJim> and anymore $1 a transaction
<Kayla> i wanna spend my money likes it's a fucking free for all
<helly> you fucking do
<Kayla> oi
<Kayla> you fucking do
<helly> nope
<helly> not me
* Kayla nods
<Kayla> yes you
<Rain> lmao

#55 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Pinky> I want to lose 10
<PugMug> I still have a ways to go.. I just need to get this whole blood pressure thing wankered out
<PugMug> I need to lose another 45 kilos...ugh
<helly> feel free to donate 10-15 this way :)  
<Pinky> Haha helly

#35 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<Kayla> omg helly was biting his nails and now they're on my clean floor
<mozza> ewwwwwwwwwwwwww
<mozza> thast gross
* Kayla nods
<helly> to be fair, I was trying to spit them at Kayla across the room
<Kayla> he stopped biting for ages, had him trained and shit

#102 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Rain> you know what they say when you run out of toilet paper "be a man use your hand"
<StudMuffin> lol
<Rain> hehe

#110 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
[June 23, 2020 07:15:01 pm] <TimeShift> Users who spent more than 1 hour    on #austnode are: Midget
[June 23, 2020 07:15:17 pm] <Midget> YAY
[June 23, 2020 07:15:28 pm] <Midget> im a weiner
[June 23, 2020 07:15:36 pm] <Just_Pax> CONGRATULATIONS!
[June 23, 2020 07:15:42 pm] <TheAstro30> im a hotdog bun
[June 23, 2020 07:16:18 pm] <Midget> do we have sauce?
[June 23, 2020 07:17:16 pm] <Just_Pax> I'm the sauce ;)
[June 23, 2020 07:17:19 pm] <Rain> lmao

#7 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<Monopoly-away> Who are you ?
<Zuul> i am Zuul...teh monster in the fridge....and who are you? ;)
<Monopoly-away> I am bonko the floating monkey
<Monopoly-away> but im my spare time Im a stripper
<Zuul> yeah well, in my spare time i dress as a giant spider and fight crime

#111 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
[June 28, 2020 03:38:31 pm] <TheAstro30> how was that 19 seconds
[June 28, 2020 03:38:35 pm] <TheAstro30> it only just appeared
[June 28, 2020 03:38:36 pm] <TheAstro30> ?
[June 28, 2020 03:39:37 pm] <Just_Pax> my scrotal cyst?
[June 28, 2020 03:39:41 pm] <Just_Pax> ;)
[June 28, 2020 03:39:45 pm] <TheAstro30> the duck...
[June 28, 2020 03:39:49 pm] <Just_Pax> oh.
[June 28, 2020 03:39:54 pm] <TheAstro30> i don't want to really know about your scrotum
[June 28, 2020 03:40:04 pm] <Just_Pax> they're fun to pop :)
[June 28, 2020 03:40:10 pm] <TheAstro30> ...
[June 28, 2020 03:40:17 pm] <TheAstro30> i hope you're talking about the ducks
[June 28, 2020 03:40:39 pm] <Just_Pax> if it helps you sleep any better at night, then yes ;)
[June 28, 2020 03:40:47 pm] <Just_Pax> but no. :P
[June 28, 2020 03:40:58 pm] <TheAstro30> ok...your scrotum aside
[June 28, 2020 03:41:17 pm] <Just_Pax> which way? left or right?
[June 28, 2020 03:41:28 pm] <TheAstro30> whatever floats your boat
[June 28, 2020 03:41:44 pm] <Just_Pax> i'd rather you not touch my scrotum.....
[June 28, 2020 03:41:57 pm] <TheAstro30> i don't WANT to touch your scrotum
[June 28, 2020 03:42:13 pm] <Just_Pax> yes, yes, very well then....
[June 28, 2020 03:42:31 pm] <Just_Pax> my birds need feeding ;)
[June 28, 2020 03:42:49 pm] <TheAstro30> dun dun dun da da dun dun dun da da MY SCROTUM!
[June 28, 2020 03:46:44 pm] <Just_Pax> Myyyyyyy Carona!