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#1 (+|-) (Rated: 4)
<Kayla> <helly> but nobody cares about that --- you still complaining?
<Kayla> evening everyone :)
<^bozoJim> hello Kayla
<Kayla> heya jim
<Rain> lmao kayla

#2 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<helly> fuck
<helly> stinky
<helly> stinky
<helly> stinky
<helly> dog
* helly gags
<helly> haha
* Kayla dies
<helly> Kayla is waving it away with her book
<Kayla> blowing it your way
<Kayla> if i'm dying, so are you
<helly> it smells like she ate something dead
<helly> and then shat it out
<helly> and then ate it again
<helly> and then farted
<Kayla> her guts are rancid
<Kayla> take her to the vet
<helly> they'd just say there's nothing they can do
<helly> and offer to put her down
<helly> lol
<Kayla> she'd smell better dead than she does right now
<Rain> roflmao
<Rain> sure tablets can do something?
<Rain> poor dog
<Rain> but u both r smelling it bad lol
<Kayla> maybe charcol tablets...i hear theyre good for stomach issues

#3 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<CrapHazard> 1st he's 3 minutes early, this year he pisses off for a piss and doesn't come back for 11 minutes then still reckons its new years eve ... then, chucks and bangs his head in the loo <CrapHazard> and thinks its monday lol
<CrapHazard> hey matt, got a new suggestion for your nick this year
<CrapHazard> "RevolvingDoor"
<CrapHazard> coz you sure are in and out enough

#4 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<DragonsBlood> Next, on Judge Judy, musicdrummer says the makes of Sherlock did a terrible job and is suing them for $5000 for lost time, the defendants say "tough"
<Pegasus`Dragon>  ha ha ha snort *CHOKE* ha ha ha snort Oh My....  
<musicdrummer> I really want to sue. Everybody liked Mary
<Rain> hahahahhaha

#5 (+|-) (Rated: -2)
<JakeSays> was called Arrow Launcher, but it was renamed to Microsoft Launcher
<pandem1> what does it launch
<JakeSays> penises

#6 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<McFlyDaCSharpGuy> that bird in the morning is pissing me off tho  
<McFlyDaCSharpGuy> 6:05am it started attacking the fucking window
<McFlyDaCSharpGuy> so I got up, said fuck you, threw a pillow at window and it fucked off

#7 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<Monopoly-away> Who are you ?
<Zuul> i am Zuul...teh monster in the fridge....and who are you? ;)
<Monopoly-away> I am bonko the floating monkey
<Monopoly-away> but im my spare time Im a stripper
<Zuul> yeah well, in my spare time i dress as a giant spider and fight crime

#8 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<DrEggman> You play golf?
<Monopoly> yes
<DrEggman> Not sure I¬ôve got the patience to hit that little white ball
<TheAstro30> I'd end up whacking the fuck out of it

#9 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<TheAstro30> I actually did on one of those mini golf course things, where you only get a putter <TheAstro30> the bastard wasn't going where I tapped it, so I whacked the shit out of it <TheAstro30> ball ... LOL ... flew up in the air, bounced off a wall, missed some guys head and ended up over the fence
<TheAstro30> then ... I was asked to leave...

#10 (+|-) (Rated: -4)
<musicdrummer> everybody is on tonight. What's the occasion?
<NakedDaddy> Should all be in church
* Zuul reads the bible to NakedDaddy psalm 91:13 thou shalt tred upon the lion and the serpent, the young lion and the pesky dragon thou shalt trample under feet
<musicdrummer> lol
<NakedDaddy> What kind of gay bible shit is that
<Zuul> you be in church

#11 (+|-) (Rated: -1)
<Rain> Naked Daddy was listening to zuuly quote the bible coz he needs to be @ church xD <NakedDaddy> Turned me on that bible shit
<Zuul> and God smote the naked daddy and cast him into the lake of slow cooking flames... NakedDaddy stayed alive as he was slowly roasted over 1000 reaked of raw sewage and burned plastic and had the texture of.campbells chicken noodle soup...and God looked down on the chared remains of NakedDaddy

#12 (+|-) (Rated: 5)
<TheAstro30> I had macaroni cheese for dinner tonight ... just went to fart, nearly macaronied my pants

#13 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<DrEggman> brb I need a piss
<DrEggman> piss completed
<DrEggman> was amazing

#14 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<ekcdd> <AlertServ> Tasmania 09/16:05 EST Marine Wind Warning Summary for Tasmania <ekcdd> Casued by Jason's excessive farting
<TheAstro30> and bullshit, adam

#15 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<helly> it's not even that cold ffs
<Kayla> shut up, i love my air con
<helly> yet Kayla is blasting the aircon at 26, I am sweating my arse off haha
<Kayla> shit, lets not move to Tassie

#16 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<helly> I feel attacked, I posted QUEENSLANDER! in a Go The Blues thread in a forum I visit. Their reply was - I hope we aren't typing to fast for you  
* helly cries
<Pinky> Hahahahhaha
<Kayla> suck it\

#17 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Pinky> Come on
* helly aims
<Pinky> Haha
<Pinky> Go away
<Pinky> :o
<Pinky> Take Kayla for a walk
<Pinky> Heheh
<helly> it's too cold outside for her
<helly> she'd complain the whole time  

#18 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Rain> brb toilet calls
<Kayla> are you over sharing again?
<Kayla> :D

#19 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<helly> did you see my first act as staff?  
<helly> [20:13:48] -OperServ- Kayla has been joined to #iamaweiner.
<Kayla> you're an idiot helly
<Kayla> lol

#20 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<PugMug> I suck.. I don't remember what mine is... and I'm too stoned to remember... don't judge... lol
<Pinky> LOL
<Pinky> Hahahah

#21 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<Crissy> i was stoned lst night
<PugMug> my son bought me a half gram of pineapple express in a vape cartridge
<Pinky> Is that a flavoured mull mix?
<PugMug> yes
<Pinky> Sounds fancy  
<PugMug> meh.. it's okay... it gets me stoned without all the mess.. so that's a bonus

#22 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Rain> .gag helly  
<helly> :o
<Kayla> takes more than that to shut him up

#23 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<Kayla> haha no one listens to you
* helly cattle prods Kayla
<Kayla> :o
<Kayla> how rude
<helly> I'll show you something rude!
<Kayla> no thanks
<helly> :o
<Rain> LOL
<Rain> told!
<Kayla> he knows his place, he just tests the boundaries a child  

#24 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
* Rain goes with pinky to Area 51
<Pinky> Yaay let's go
* Pinky runs into the room and begins parking her bag
<Crissy> parking???????
<Pinky> Packing
<Pinky> Hahah
<Rain> lol pinky
<Crissy> hahahahahahhahah

#25 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<musicdrummer> Parking is as bad as driving in LA
<Pinky> I can pack my car into a good space too
<musicdrummer> I guess you're driving
<Pinky> Nah I'll need to fly

#26 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
* Rain wonders where theastro30 has been
<Revolver> his gone wanking ... em i mean walking Laughing Out Loud

#27 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Pinky> Some people get paid to sing for a living. ME.. people pay me to stop singing lol

#28 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<helly> I am use to a whole king sized bed to myself and I had to share a queen with Kayla haha <mozza> lmao
<mozza> greedy :o
<helly> lol

#29 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Kayla> though will enjoy my bed tonight!
<helly> errr
<helly> I have to share with you again??  
<mozza> omg
<mozza> shut up helly :P
<mozza> kayla put him on the lounge haha  
<helly> that's her spot lol
<mozza> lmaooooooooooooo  

#30 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Pinky> I'm a shocker camping :/
<Kayla> haha how so?
<helly> like pass out drunk before the tent is up shocker?
<helly> :P
<Pinky> Last time I went camping I chased some dude with a fry pan lol  
<Kayla> :o
<helly> lol  

#31 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Kayla> bbs, helly is being demanding
<mozza> hahahaaa
<Kayla> xx
<mozza> i wont ask what for

#32 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<helly> I poured you wine and you poured a bucket a water on me
<helly> I feel that is an unfair trade
<Kayla> i poured water on you before i needed you to pour me wine
<helly> even worse!
<Kayla> no, worse would have been after you poured me wine

#33 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<Rain> u two as parents got it tough
<helly> sometimes I think we do
<helly> other times I feel like selling them on gumtree

#34 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<helly> hey Revolver
<helly> feeling any better?
<Rain> what antibootics they called?
<Revolver> its alpha mox
<helly> for a cold/flu?
<Revolver> yea
<helly> man your GP sucks balls  
<helly> ALPHAMOX will not work against infections caused by viruses, such as colds or flu.
<helly> Dr Helly suggests an extra blanket on the bed and keep on top of the panadol/panadine <Rain> bwahahah
<helly> just keep really fucking warm while sleeping and you'll feel better in no time  
* helly will not be held responsible for any seizures that may occur!

#35 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<Kayla> omg helly was biting his nails and now they're on my clean floor
<mozza> ewwwwwwwwwwwwww
<mozza> thast gross
* Kayla nods
<helly> to be fair, I was trying to spit them at Kayla across the room
<Kayla> he stopped biting for ages, had him trained and shit

#36 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<Kayla> glad you waited helly, you picked shit one lol
<helly> haha fuck off
<helly> it was good
<Kayla> was tiny
<helly> I've obviously got you accustomed to large things :P
<Kayla> indeedy

#37 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<helly> your dog taught my dog how to be a dickhead
<Kayla> noooo
<Kayla> she wasn't scared of fireworks until she saw your dog being a wanker

#38 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<Kayla> our internet seems to be playing up a bit last night/today too
<Kayla> helly thinks that smallest brat has tried to do something to it lol

#39 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<Kayla> !duckstats helly
<f82k> fight him
<Kayla> i beat him regularly, keeps him in line
<f82k> Good stuff
<helly> she's got a bit of a mouth on her when she drinks!  
* helly flips Kayla off  
* PugMug bounces on Astro until all the gas comes out.. kinda like an Astro Bellows.. lol <TheAstro30> PugMug: LMFAO
<TheAstro30> im not a fucking bouncy toy
<TheAstro30> get the fuck off me
<Rain> lolz

#40 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<^bozoJim> try being accused of making pot holes
<^bozoJim> when I fart
<TheAstro30> LOL
<@^bozoJim> and one says if I ever got into the snow if I let rip I would melyt it behind me in a rocket blast<-wtf
<^bozoJim> light it up and I  rocket donw the snow
<TheAstro30> you need to call NASA
<TheAstro30> you have invented a new form of rocket propulsion
<^bozoJim> lol

#41 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<TheAstro30> my tits stink
<TheAstro30> i must lactate or some shit
<helly> you're a dairy factory! :P  
<helly> milk and cheese
<TheAstro30> LMFAO
<TheAstro30> fuck YOU!
<helly> comon' that was good hahah

#42 (+|-) (Rated: 7)
* TheAstro30 farts on rain  
* Rain sticks fan in theastro30s ass  
* TheAstro30 turns in to a hover craft
* Rain presses the start button on the hover craft
<^bozoJim> haha
* TheAstro30 putts around the room
<TheAstro30> bbbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrooommmmmm

#43 (+|-) (Rated: 4)

#44 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<TheAstro30> I have a penis
<Arrow>  But how often do you use it TheAstro30?
<TheAstro30> used it just today, thanks
<DrEggman> Your own hand doesn't count
<TheAstro30> sure it does

#45 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<DrEggman> I need a mega piss
<TheAstro30> so go?
<DrEggman> I'm saving water
<Rain> LOL
<TheAstro30> piss out the window then
<TheAstro30> or in a bucket
<Rain> or a coke bottle
<DrEggman> I don't fit in a coke bottle

#46 (+|-) (Rated: 2)
<DrEggman> I'm in the shower
<TheAstro30> with your phone talking on IRC?
<Rain> waterproof phone ?
<DrEggman> Yes
<TheAstro30> I cant get the image of him naked talking on IRC out of my head

#47 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<DrEggman> This stuff is amazing
<DrEggman> The mint one makes your balls feel nice :P

#48 (+|-) (Rated: 0)
<helly> fucking bullshit
* helly spits at his cpu
<helly> useless i5 fucker
<helly> how the fuck can it go from 16-25% up to 100%
<helly> it's averaging 12-16% ffs
<helly> then bam  
<helly> 100%  
<DrEggman> wouldn't think it's the PSU, maybe the Aus government is monitoring what your doing

#49 (+|-) (Rated: 1)
<PugMug> I used to have a toshiba.. I named it Tosha
<PugMug> I blame MrD... he likes to name everything.. lol

#50 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
<helly> get some of this into you Rain
* helly flashes gang signs

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